These freestanding wooden puzzles are cut on 16 & 22" scroll saws using a #5 & #7 scroll reverse blades. The paint is child safe water based acrylic and the stain is Minwax. Most are made from 1" basswood but 1" poplar is also used.
The patterns come from 3 books I bought, 2 from Judy and Dave Peterson and the 3rd Wooden Puzzles. But I also design my own and those are shown in RED text some of which are from photos of peoples pets. So if you like I can design a puzzle for you.  I can change colors per request.  All puzzles come with a copy of the pattern.
Cow -- Holstein cow freestanding wooden puzzle stained not painted. 
9.75 x 6.25"   $18 + shipping
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Guinea Pig -- furry and cute freestanding wooden puzzle - basswood
4.5 x 8.25"   $17 + shipping
Climbing Cats -- if you love cats here's your puzzle. I altered it by added the mouse.
7.5 x 8.25"   $25 + shipping
Rooster -- this seems to appeal to everyone.
7.5 x 6.75"   $15  +  shipping
Goat -- our daughter asked that I do this so she could give it as a gift.
9.5 x 8"   $18  +  shipping
American Cocker Spaniel -- made at the same time as the bulldog and terrier.
7.75 x 6.5"   $17 + shipping
Pink Pig -- this was made for our granddaughter because she loves pink and purple.
12.25 x 6.5"   $17  +  shipping
Black Lab -- we had a black lab and german short hair pointer mix named Sam. Great dog.
9.5 x 6.5"   $15 + shipping
Rocking Horse -- it really rocks. The base is stained natural.
6.75 x 6.5"   $17 + shipping
Cairn Terrier -- one of 3 dogs I cut for a mom wanting a dog puzzle for her son.
7.5 x 6"   $18 + shipping
Pig -- my design for a man who wanted around 12 pieces in a pig puzzle for his kids.
12.25 x 6.5"   $17  +  shipping
Bulldog -- the mom how wanted the dog puzzle picked this one.
7x6.5x1" $18 + shipping
Black Lab -- I've altered the lab from my Peterson book curving his tail. Basswood
6.5 x 9"   $15 + shipping
Pony -- this one cut from butternut
5.5 x 6.5 x 1"   $14  +  shipping
Pig -- my design for a man who wanted around 12 pieces in a pig puzzle for his kids.
12.25 x 6.5"   $17  +  shipping
I don't have AddtoCart  buttons for every puzzle yet, the ones not in stock. I'm not 100% sure how to work items not in stock yet. So for now please use the CONTACT US buttons to let me know which of those puzzles you want to purchase.    Thankyou