These freestanding wooden puzzles are cut on 16 & 22" scroll saws using a #5 & #7 scroll reverse blades. The paint is child safe water based acrylic and the stain is Minwax. Most are made from 1" basswood but 1" poplar is also used.
The patterns come from 3 books I bought, 2 from Judy and Dave Peterson and the 3rd Wooden Puzzles. But I also design my own, some of which are from photos of peoples pets. So if you like I can design a puzzle for you. My designs are shown in RED text. All puzzles come with a copy of the pattern.
Circus Train -- freestand wooden puzzle was created for a good friend of our daughter who was having her first baby, a boy. His initials are on the animal car. Your childs initials will be on their train. The tiger and bear on the animal car are puzzle pieces.          Basswood ~27 x 6.25"    $65 + shipping
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Framed animals -- 18 animals in this triangle framed puzzle. This does stand on is own. 9.25 x 6.75"   $35 + shipping
Sugar Maple Leaf -- requested by a Vermont maple syrup making family
7.5 x 7.25"   $20 + shipping
CT Locomotive -- a 4-4-0 layout. Every color is a seperate piece. 
10.25 x 4.875"    $25 + shipping
CT Coal car --. I replaced the coal with the rippled back of the alligator. 
6.75 x 3"    $20 + shipping
CT Animal car -- the hardest part was cutting the straight edges. Your childs initials go in middle.
10.25 x 6.25"   $25 + shipping
Star-- I think this is the hardest to put together but it looks great
9.5"   $19 + shipping
Paul Bunyan and Babe -- 43 interior pieces and a mess of colors. Babe and the background pieces are sanded down to create depth. Basswood 10 x 8.5"   $35 + shipping
I don't have AddtoCart  buttons for every puzzle yet, the ones not in stock. I'm not 100% sure how to work items not in stock yet. So for now please use the CONTACT US buttons to let me know which of those puzzles you want to purchase.    Thankyou