These freestanding wooden puzzles are cut on 16 & 22" scroll saws using a #5 & #7 scroll reverse blades. The paint is child safe water based acrylic and the stain is Minwax. Most are made from 1" basswood but 1" poplar is also used.
Most of the patterns are from Judy & Dave Peterson's book on dragons.  But I also design my own and those are in RED text.  So if you like I can design a puzzle for you.  I can also change colors per request, stains or paint. Or even exotic woods, which would cost more. All puzzles come with a copy of the pattern.
Flame -- Another of Judy & Dave Peterson freestanding wooden puzzles but I painted it
10.25 x 6.25   $20 + shipping
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Wanna Play -- young dragons playing with balls - made from basswood
6.25 x 7.25   $16ea + shipping
Griffin -- Another of Judy & Dave Peterson freestanding wooden puzzles but I painted it
10.25 x 6.25   $20 + shipping
Lythe -- is such a great looking dragon freestanding wooden puzzle, This one is 2 tone.  8 x 9.5   $23 + shipping
Imperial Chinese -- made from basswood in red sedona oil stain  
10 x 7   $24 + shipping
Hippogriff -- made from basswood in early american, cherry and dark walnut oil
9.25 x 7.25   $23 + shipping
Smaug -- from the Hobbit sitting on his treasure, from poplar in 3 stains.
10.1 x 7.9 . $24 + shipping
Hatchling -- just born - made from basswood in pickled oak and provincial oil stain
8.5 x 5.75   $16 + shipping
Unicorn -- a great looking puzzle made from basswood in natural oil
8 x 9   $27 + shipping
Hie -- name taken from a Lewis Carrol poem. Made in basswood, 2 tone.
8.75 x 6   $15 + shipping
Laughing -- Judy says this was adapted from a dragon design by one of her customers.
9.25 x 4.5   $21 + shipping
Gargoyle Pensive -- reminds me of the Thinker statue in the Dobie Gillis TV series.
8 x 6   $15  +  shipping
Wyvern -- my grandson ask if I could design this, so he got me all the info.
7.9 x 9.5   $23  +  shipping
Welsh -- the traditional red dragon of Wales. But I made the wings natural to stand out.
10 x 7.25   $25  +  shipping
Slim -- I altered Judy's pattern by stretching the body to add more mass. Stained in sedona red body and natural feet. 10x4    $18 + shipping
Phoenix -- rising out of the flames - sedona red flames and natural oil on.
$26 + shipping
Scottish Lion -- requested by folks in Vermont who wanted it in maple stain.
8 x 7   $25 + shipping
Hydra -- one of my favorites. Cherry oil on body with sedona red heads
9 x 6.75   $23 + shipping
Cutie Pie -- a cute puzzle for kids, Stained in natural oil.
6.5 x 6   $15 + shipping
TDC-Too Darn Cute -- laying on his back biting his tail. Natural and walnut stain.
10 x 5    $18 + shipping
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