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Nestled between New hampshire's White Mountains and the Connecticut River lies the picturesque settlement known as Clay Hollow. This beautiful landscape, a part of Piermont NH, is where we chose to start our family farm on 78 acres.

Irish Dexter Cattle are being raised for meat or sale. Chickens for eggs and turkeys for meat. Sue makes her jams, jellies and marmalades, John his woodworking, selling at farmer/flea markets, craft events and some local stores.
Above is our little farm at the intersection of Indian Pond Road (top left) and Piermont Heights (right center). The house is L shaped with blue roof and the garages are right with dark roof. The lot below PHs is 23 acres and above PHs is 55 acres.

The Fire Pond is below the house, 150ft across and 20 ft deep. It's spring fed with hornpout but did have rainbows until the otter got them The main field to the right is 10 feet higher and was "blasted" out by Ed's father many years ago. Dynamite could be bought at the hardware store back then. Just below the main field is Bean Brook (the black wavy line) surrounded by wet lands. The beaver have dams on our property plus above and below it. It's not stocked to allow the indigenous fish to florish.

The winter field is across PHs with a 24 x 24 run-in. And above that and to the right you can see part of a partially cleared area for our Dexters. It once was a pasture used by Ed French's father many years ago for cattle and then became a white pine grove. But a April storm in 2007, a micro burst, took out 80% of the pines and so knowing it's past I've converted it back to pasture with the help of the Dexters I should add.
View with property border in red.
Winter  sceens
With Sam who past 2-3-2011
Granddaughter Kylee checking out pond.