Valentine, a heifer and named by Sue because of the date, was born 2/17/2012 to Bashful and Bigboy. The herd was much more vocal yesterday and Bashful was keeping away, more so from Higgins who likes to herd them, which we try to stop. And then this morning Sue said they were again vocal. I spotted her from the house so with Kylee we went to check her out. She is very brown as were some other calves born this time of the year but she is more so. Good to see her up and about and doing well. Mom was keeping Kobe away as he was getting too close for her liking. From the tracks is looks like Valentine was born in the woods.
Hellooooo Piermont!!!    Very little snow this winter and today is quite mild.
Do I have something hanging out??
Up and about with mom.
Dad liking what he sees.
Kylee with grandma. Valentine wondering why only 2 legs on those cows.
Bashful keeping a close watch.
It's another girl. I was hoping for a boy. Lady has had 1 boy, then 3 girls in a row. Oh well. SOFT!!!