We started sugaring in 2009 using a old King Franklin style woodburning stove in the back workshop of the garage. The cooktop plates were removed and a stainless resturant pan was used. Pine made for a nice hot fire. A arch was built to improve performance but It was slow. Only 6 trees were tapped. Finishing off was done in the kitchen. For 2010 we moved outside to the pig pit. Now I can have preheat and larger pans.
Adding more sap to preheat pan.
Good hot fire and lots of boiling.
The pit was redesigned for 2011 making it deeper and about 20 inches wide. Plus the chimney was added which really helps. 3 pans can now be used. But I was still spending too much time inside finishing it off.
But in the summer of 2011 I purchased this W.F. Mason 2x3' hobby evaporator and installed it where the Franklin stove was. Needless to say it works great. There is little or no time needed to finish the syrup in the kitchen. I can do 70 gallons of sap in a day. So we now put in 43 taps.
W.F. Mason 2x3' evaporator