I had decided to build a 12x24 foot run-in for our Dexter cattle using timber framing style but lag bolts would be used to simplify construction. Stone and pressure treated 6x6 for the foundation which has held up great. Hemlock for the frame, 6x6 for the post and 4x6 for plates and cross pieces. Pine was used for the siding. The roof is metal on 5/8 sheeting. All the wood came from Mt. Carr in Warren NH. With the new section it went from 288 to 480 sqft. The trees all around make for a good windbreak and the land slopes back to front.
The foundation was completed in the fall. I almost waited for spring to finish it but the weather was good and I wanted to get out. Susan and Will were very good about helping.
For some reason I could not find pictures of the complete first section.
Susan left -- 16 feet of 28 foot top plate going on.
Will at left helping me.
Completed 24x12 foot frame.
No mortise and tenon - lag bolts and block instead. It's a compromise but it works real well. Lots of room above for storage. Framing was a lot of fun.
In 2010 a 12x16 section was added to the front. Both the old and new fronts allow for the tractor to get in for easy cleanout. I guess I should put a metal roof on the new section.