Dexters are the smallest breed of cattle other than minatures and are believed to have originated in Ireland. They stand 38 to 42 inches with cows being 600-700lbs and bulls 900-1000lbs. They started to become known in the 1700's when farmers found that they were practical for small plots of land. Perfect for the family farm they produce approx. 2 gallons of milk and 3 quarts of cream a day. Considered a tri-use animal, the milk is high in fat, the meat a high quality and they can be trained as oxen too. The most common color is black though some may be red or dunn.
Our original herd. From left to right is PIMA, Bashful, Bigboy and Lady.
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Our Adult Dexters
Keko -- 1st born
Touille -- 2nd born
Halfpint -- 3rd born
Gal --  born 10-15-2008
Patty --  born 3-17-2009
Baby --  born 10-21-2009
Kobe --  born 2-25-2010
Kerry --  born 3-9-2010
Eddie -- born 5-4-2010
Liberty -- born 9-11-2010
Samatha -- born 1-7-2011
Yoco -- born 2-20-2011
Winger -- born 8-12-2011
Valentine -- born 2-17-2012