Chickens and Dexter cattle were always the first two choices for us in what we wanted to raise. So we started in 2007 with 12 chicks from Agway and in 2008 purchased thru mail 29 chicks of 9 varieties from McMurray Hatchery. The initial group of 12 were actually 10 chickens, 2 roosters. The larger rooster killed the smaller and in 2009 he was sold to a neighbor. Sue raised a new one from an egg but he was taken by a animal. To bad because he was very good to his flock and us. Samson, an Americanas named by Blake, was bought from a small farm in Newbury Vt. in 2010. They also raise Dexters.
Below Kylee with some of the birds.    Click to enlarge.
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Chicken 2007
Chicken 2008